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Elementary Choral Concerts December 15, 2009

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There is nothing better.  Last night both of my elementary school choruses sang in their Winter Concert.  One chorus meets weekly before school and is open to all students in Grade 4, 5, and 6.  I have 31 dedicated musicians in this group.  The second chorus is all the Grade 4 students in the school, 76 beautiful singers.

          The theme of the concert was “Songs That Changed the World.”  This is a theme that I like to express to my students.  Music really can change the world.  They sang a simple arrangement of “For Unto Us a Child is Born” from Handel’s Messiah.  When George Frederick Handel died in 1759, he donated an original score of the Messiah to a children’s orphanage in London.  This foundation still exists and it has been using that music score for benefit concerts for over 250 years!!  They sang “Follow the Drinking Gourd” a code song that was used by slaves to find their way along the Underground Railway.  They sang “We are the World” which has raised over 63 million dollars for famine relief since its release in 1985.  That’s a LOT of positive changes.  Each chorus sang 6 songs that changed the world.

          The reason I say there is nothing better is because of the enthusiasm of the students.  Their faces were shining as they showed up in their fancy dresses, suit coat and tie, dress pants etc.  They were all focused through the entire 60 minute concert, including several students who have been identified with “special needs”.  And the sound was just precious.  Many of the students sing with every note on pitch.  This is mixed with the students who are still working on expanding their vocal range.  But, that is the beauty of the sound.  They were all singing their hearts out, smiling as they performed.  And, I have to say, they really changed my world last night.  Thank you.


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